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What's included in a deep clean?


  • Sanitize and clean toilets

  • Sanitize and clean sinks

  • Sanitize and clean bathtubs & showers

  • Wipe countertops

  • Clean ceiling cobwebs

  • Scrub grout (by request)

  • Clean floor area

  • Clean mirrors

  • Take out garbage

  • Vacuum ceiling fan


  • Inside of appliances (fridge, oven, microwave)

  • Outside of appliances (polish metal)

  • Clean ceiling cobwebs

  • Polish metal fixtures

  • Wiping countertops

  • Sanitizing sinks

  • Wipe backsplash

  • Scrub grout (by request)

  • Cleaning dishes and putting clean dishes away

  • Take out garbage and recycling

  • Clean floor area

  • Cleaning oven vents

  • Wipe down small appliances

Bedroom, living room & common areas

  • Clean ceiling cobwebs

  • Dust stair banister

  • Dust and wipe down all surface areas

  • Wipe down baseboards (by request)

  • Cleaning mold off windows & sills (by request)

  • Oil wooden furniture (by request)

  • Dust picture frames

  • Take out garbages

  • Put load of laundry on (by request)

  • Make beds

  • Cleaning wall spots (within reason - by request)

  • Dusting hard to reach surfaces 

  • Clean all mirrors throughout the home

  • Vacuum couch cushions & underneath couch

  • Vacuum underneath beds

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