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Meet The Sassy Sisters


Katie and Kelsey are the founders of Sassy Sisters, and yes you guessed it they are real life sisters. This makes for a interesting duo and creates an effective dynamic. They work well-together as they've had to their entire lives. Both women are passionate about the work they do, and strive to bring quality and happiness to their clients. 

Kelsey quit her 7 year profession as a mental health and addictions worker to pursue the sassy sister's clean team. Her last position being a supervisor at a drop-in centre; working at a drop-in centre with an incredibly vulnerable population during a pandemic wasn't what she signed up for, haha! Prior to this, she worked in social housing in the west end of Vancouver as a support worker, oftentimes helping clients maintain the cleanliness of their apartments. 

Katie is well known in the Steveston Village community, serving people at the Steveston Bakery. She has become greatly loved by her customers and is a main staple at the bakery. Her witty, strong edged, loving disposition has made her a favorite to all that meet her. 

Both sisters are eager to work together and have created a big vision for Sassy Sisters. They want their customers to be comfortable working together and instill trust in them by allowing them into their homes. 

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