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Thank you for choosing The Sassy Sisters 

Payment information


Payment is due the same day services are provided, failure will result in a 2% daily charge. 

We provide an invoice at the end of service.

We accept e-transfer to sassysisterscleanteam@gmail.comOR credit card with a 2.9% processing fee.

Arrival time


The service industry can be unpredictable at the best of times. Traffic, washrooms breaks, more time anticipated at previous customers home etc. Please allow for 1 hour of buffer time for the arrival of our clean team. As we are very busy, we will only notify you of a late arrival beyond the 1 hour of buffer time. Please coordinate with us about providing a key or code for entry if you are comfortable.


For customers under special circumstances, and this doesn't work for you, please contact us so we can accommodate the best we can!


Cancellation policy


Please provide 24 hours to notify us of cancellation of services. Any customer that provides less than 24 hours will be subject to pay 50% of provided quote.


Our method of quoting


 Every customers level of cleanliness, requested tasks, and expectations completely differ. We provide a rough estimate of the time it will take us, however, this is subject to change with the approval of customer. 


We are only doing in person quotes for construction and renovations. We ask that all residential customers send us up close photos of the areas you want focused on, and any problem areas. Square footage, and last time your home was professionally cleaned is all reflected in the quote.


Suggestions on getting more bang for your buck


It takes our cleaners a substantial amount of time organizing and removing items from counter spaces, to clean surfaces underneath. We understand it may not always be possible to have these items tidied. However, in doing so, will free up extra time for our team to focus on other areas.


Booking dates and time


We try our best to accommodate customers desired booking dates and times, but unfortunately this isn't always possible. For new customers it can take 1 or more months to get a consistent spot available for you. For this reason we advise customers book 1-3 months in advance to ensure their spot.

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